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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recent Illustrations published in The New Yorker that inspire me

Josh Cochran
Annette Marnat
Victo Ngai

Frank Viva
I have had a subscription to The NYer for about three years now, and I religiously read the fiction piece in each issue and pay close attention to all of the illustrations and names of the illustrators being published.  This is a small selection of illustrations in recent issues that I thought were especially interesting.  The style and techniques are varied, I think the first one by Josh Cochran is the most similar to the sketchbook look that I employ, (it looks like he could've actually drawn these people in different situations and redrawn them into a party scene-which I have done before.)  But his coloring is more daring than any I've ever tried. 

I think the color palette in each illustration is what initially drew me to them. Frank Viva effectively used only 5 colors, which works well for this graphic illustration.  And Annette Marnat makes very hot colors look soft with her blending in the limited palette.  Victo Ngai's is reminiscient of a Marcos Chin to me, and the colored line work really adds to the drawing.