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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Parts of FOTN mural finally up!

This is a side of the former Jack-in-the-Box at Broadway and Denny, where my Friends of the Nib-sters have a patched together mural on vinyl panels. I don't think all panels are in place yet, but I've heard that the ones present may be tempting some punks into larceny. Not cool.

This is a photo taken by Ellen Forney's camera phone. I'll post some close ups as soon as I can get onto the Hill to see it myself.


Bob Rini said...

These Friends of the Nib are brilliant! I'm a big fan, especially of the fez-related work. By the way, the entire mural is up now.


Angela Stork said...

Oh great thanks Bob. I look forward to seeing it all.